Topics We Will Cover

The science of how to set and achieve “impossible” goals in your life.

Techniques that will help you control your mind and change your results forever.

The “secret” behind The Secret so you will always attract the things and circumstances you want.

How to break through the illusion of fear and finally step into growth.

Make your impossible possible!

How Personal Transformation Meets Magic

Anders has helped thousands of people around the world change their limiting beliefs, and then
supported them in reaching their full potential. Experience Anders and the magic for yourself for free
during this virtual LIVE event.

You now have the chance to experience how you can create that transformation in your life yourself!
It is time to overcome the fears and illusions and take the first step towards your development.
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  • LIVE 4-Hour Magical Event
  • Comprehensive Event Workbook PDF
  • Live Interaction with other participants and the Real Magic Team
  • Tons of Bonuses!

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